As a non-asbestos fiber cement producer, you may ask yourself everyday how to cut costs in your boards production process. One of the best way to make fiber cement production more effective is to optimize the water circuit.
Why ? Because water circuit optimization and upgrading your hatshek/flow-on backwater system allows to cut significatively the raw material costs. Take a look at Widerange’s fiber cement experts tips on how to improve your production efficiency.

1. Improve water management in your fiber cement production

During the fiber cement manufacturing process, the water circuit for fiber cement production differs from a normal asbestos cement machine.

What is the reason for this difference ?

The effluent volume and solid concentration is far more abundant in fiber cement production than in a Hatschek machine making asbestos-cement. Therefore, the water circuit for fiber cement differs from that of a normal asbestos cement machine.
The effective control and stabilization of these water and solids flow is an important aspect of fibre cement manufacturing technology.
The water systems and solids control, together with the detailed design of vats and sieve cylinders, provide very stable machine operation and good thickness and sheet profile control.
Additionally, a good control of the water system allows to reduce the amount of water in the circuit and increases the efficiency of the sedimentation cones resulting in clean process water.
An important aspect which could have a strong influence in the water system is the management of the green scrap. Green scrap is generated at several points along the machine conveyor system. Green scrap from all these points is collected into a shredder and the scrap is reduced to small pieces.
This solid part could have a negative influence in the control of the fiber cement water system if it is managed in the same way than a normal asbestos cement machine.

2. Benefits of water circuit optimization

Owing to our fiber cement engineering services, our system allows to optimize the control of the water system with multiple benefits :

  • reduce the contact time between water and cement, allowing to maintain a better reactivity of the hydraulic binder; which results in replacing part of cement with less expensive filler.
  • provide very stable machine operation, good thickness and sheet profile control ;
  • reduce up to 90 % the amount of water recovery in the cones and in this way increase their efficiency ; the result is to have very clean water for sprayers ;
  • reduce the production of solid waste from the water system which must be disposed in processing facilities and in this way, reduce the cost of disposing and decreasing the costs of raw materials.

Depending on the raw material quality your are currently using, this system can allow you to replace from 10% to 20% of ordinary Portland Cement with less expensive fillers. Call our professional experts in fiber cement consulting to make significant improvements in your board production.

If you want more information on water circuit optimization and ways to upgrade your hatshek / flow-on backwater system, or more generally about fiber cement board production, contact us to receive extra documentation.