Equipment for fiber cement board production.

Our equipment & machinery.

Widerange proposes both complete new and second hand equipment for fiber cement sheets production.
We provide a broad range of specialized equipment selected to meet all your quality, safety and standards compliance needs.

Fiber cement machinery & equipment in a plant.

Our international fiber cement consulting experts know the latest trends in technology and provide premium materials with high performance and resistance characteristics. Widerange proposes both new and second hand equipment and also specializes in designing, installation and fiber cement factory commissioning.

We provide 3 types of fibre cement equipment : production lines, top layer equipment, and flocculant equipment.

Fiber cement engineering, design & automation expertise for fiber cement producer.

Fiber cement production lines.

Widerange proposes complete new & second hand production lines for fiber cement boards production :

New Fiber Cement Board Machinery

Widerange offers services of brand new machinery & production lines sales, and all the necessary fiber cement consulting services needed to make them perfectly functional.

Second hand fiber cement board machinery

All of our machinery for fiber cement board production are in perfect condition, functional, and great performing.

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Top layer painting equipment.

Owing to our top layer painting equipment, you can paint fibre cement sheets directly on hatschek machine on the fresh ply with agitating drums, pumps and spraying guns driven by a PLC.

You can have a base colour and then add some patches, in 2 or more different colours, after your own customized pattern.

This system allows you to have fiber cement coloured sheets with little cost and amazing result.

Flocculant equipment.

Our fiber cement flocculant equipment system allows the preparation and the proportional dosage of the flocculant in the Hatschek machine.

The dosing system consists of a stainless steel frame (skid) on which you will install all the tools and equipment provided.