Consulting and technology.

Fiber cement consulting.

Each machine part is a link in a long chain of actions and reactions. Exact tuning and perfect operation is the complex
target of Widerange’s fiber cement plant consultancy. 

Our consulting services allow our customers to increase their value chain efficiency.

With Widerange, strengthen the value chain at every stage of your fiber cement board production, and maximize your overall industrial performances.

Fiber cement consultant & autoclave technology: reach perfect control over your fiber cement production.

Get the perfect control over your board production operations. Our fiber cement consultant team offers you an efficient control over your manufacturing process :

  • Failure & quality analysis,
  • Raw material choice and preparation,
  • Dosing and mixing ratios,
  • Chemical additives,
  • Mechanical parameters,
  • Measuring and monitoring devices,
  • Production process control.

Our fiber cement consulting services.

Fiber cement project analysis & monitoring

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Widerange analyses the technical feasibility of all your fiber cement manufacturing process and projects, including :

  • data collecting and analysing,
  • risk analysis,
  • viability assessment,
  • evaluating your budget,
  • strategical outsourcing advice,
  • planning and designing your fiber cement production plant,
  • optimisation studies.

We are able to lead all your complex fiber cement production related projects.

Safety and security.

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Widerange improves the safety of your fiber cement production plant and workers, enhance the security of all your facilities.
Get the expertise and professional advice from the best fiber cement consulting company.

Technical problem solving.

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Let our experts in fiber cement manufacturing deal with any durability problems in your fiber cement board production.

Widerange may also provide expert witnessing in litigation on liabilities related to your fiber cement building materials.

Know-how & staff training.

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The staff know-how and training is a critical issue for fiber cement production. To sustain your quality level, your performances and meet customer demands.
Our experts in fibre cement provides you with education and monitoring solutions for your staff to learn, train and boost their knowledge.

Quality & productivity improvement.

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Satisfy your customers by providing the comfort of international norms and standards. We provide solutions to help you obtain all the international certifications you need to expand your fiber cement production plant.
Widerange is used to design experimental programs for the assessment of durability of cement and fiber cement sheets & materials.

Fiber cement factory commissioning.

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From the beginning of the project to the final implementation, our team supports you with both mechanical and electronic aspects & ensure successful design, installation and fibre cement factory commissioning.
This process includes raw material preparation, Hatscheck / flow-on machine, corrugating stations, press stations installation, autoclave technology set up, finishing and painting.

Our fiber cement production technology.

Our consultants help you in fibercement
boards manufacturing & finishing
with all technologies :

  • Cement based autoclaved,
    low medium and high
    density boards
  • Cement based air cured,
    low medium and high
    density boards
  • Calcium silicate
  • Magnesium
  • Fireprooof
  • Through pigmented
  • Embossing
    & many others
  • Sizing, calibrating,
    sanding & painting

An efficient & innovative technology.

Our fiber cement consultant team offers customer-tailored solutions using extensive automation and autoclave or air cured technologies low, medium and high density. The experience of our fiber cement consulting team enables you to achieve targeted results and realize successful, massive construction projects.
Our production process is based on the following fiber cement technology :

Fiber Cement Boards Technology

Widerange is a reputable company that offers full-range services in the design and manufacture of fiber cement production plant. We make sure that all our products are of high quality and meet the unique needs of our customers.

Thanks to the dedication of our talented team of consultants, technicians and analysts, and to modern machinery for fiber cement sheets technology, we have created a world-wide client base. Our experience, extensive expertise and professional services enable us to rank as one of the best companies in the fibre cement industry.

Fiber cement PVA Technology

In order to reinforce fiber cement sheets, Widerange proposes production based on synthetic polyvinylalcohol (PVA) fibers with high tenacity and low elongation. This helps improve shock and vibration-resistance in the sheets.

Dosing and mixing / sheet production

Our fiber cement technology‘s computerized smart dosing and mixing plant prepares slurry which is further diluted and fed into the sieve cylinder sheeting machine.

Thin layers are formed on 3 to 6 sieve cylinders and transferred onto a felt.

The layers are accumulated around the forming roller until the preset thickness has been reached and the sheet can automatically be cut off.


We use an advanced fiber cement technology and techniques in the manufacturing of our fiber cement products.
With a full range of machines including cutters for all purposes such as cutting and punching press, guillotine knife cutter, water jet cutter or just circular knife cutter, we make sure to meet all your cutting requirements.

Autoclaving / calcium-silicate

Equipment and extensive know-how for the steam curing technology is also process-relevant for Widerange’s panel plants. Autoclaved fiber cement system allows easy control of the complex chemical process in the autoclave.

Autoclave Technology

Our fibre cement consulting experts are specialized in Autoclaved Technology and « Hatschek process ».

Why autoclave technology is a better option for fiber cement production ?
In the autoclave technology, the pressure applied to the mix eliminates moisture, improves the resistance of the fiber cement sheet.


Single sheet presses for corrugated or embossed roofing sheets or stack presses for high compressed flat sheets improve the fiber cement sheet density and quality – an important factor for improved frost resistance.

Coloured Sheets

If your market requires more beautiful flat boards, Widerange also provides a range of equipment and technologies for colouring fiber cement sheets, such as through-pigmented technology, top layer, or surface paint-coated. Paint coating increases beauty and improves quality.

Material Preparation

Thanks to the know-how of fiber cement consulting experts, as well as highly efficient machines and technologies, we ensure the lowest production costs.
This includes the material preparation with sand grinding mill, sand slurry silos as well as openers and refiners for cellulose.

Thickness Control

Advanced self-adjusting sheet thickness control system ensures minimum thickness variations in your fiber cement sheets.
This saves material (no over thickness) and reduces rejects (under thickness) which finally increases plant output and economy for customers.