About us.

Our mission.

Smart solutions for efficient manufacturing.
Our mission is to deliver high value-added services and enable fiber cement manufacturing to be more efficient and more productive.
We are committed to provide our customer with smart solutions for all their fiber cement process and projects. We advise, assist and supply fiber cement board producers to improve their performance on the long run.

Fiber cement manufacturing process.
Equipment and machinery for fiber cement board manufacturers.

Our experience.

A 30 years-long worldwide experience.
Our team of highly experienced engineers manages
projects in fiber cement production worldwide :

Consulting in Fiber Cement industries

Europe : Cembrit Group ( Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy ); Izopol (Poland), Maranit (Italy), Schiefer (Russia ), Ivano-Frankivsk (Ukraine).
Middle East : Artanit (Iran) TSCC (Abu Dhabi), ACFA (Saudi Arabia), Hekim Holding (Turkey).
Africa : Turnall (Zimbabwe), Purechem (Nigeria), Ecomat (Tunisia).
Asia : Zhong Jing Group (China), Kantslate (Uzbekistan), Conwood (Thailand), Anwar Cement (Bangladesh).
South America: Mexalit (Mexico), Pizzarreno (Chile), Eternit Perù Fapesa (Peru).

Consulting in Cement Industries

Europe : Radici Group, Zillo Group. Cementeria di Monselice.

Special Projects

Fiber cement Technologies from Magnesium Oxysulpate boards manufacturing.
Provide professional advice for potential manufacturers of polypropylene fibers designed for building materials.
Set up test programs for fibers mix design and testing in building products.
Extreme lightweight Calcium Silicate Boards.