Engineering solutions for efficient fiber cement factories.

Fiber cement consulting services.

Widerange has a 30-years long worldwide experience in fibre cement consultancy & fiber cement manufacturing. We secure your know-how process for both quality & performance, relying on a trustworthy team of international fibre cement consulting experts.

We offer tailored solutions to enhance your performance and optimize your fiber cement production. Our dedicated team of engineers provide you with smart fiber cement advices and continuous innovative technical solutions.

What Widerange does
for you.

  • Project planning
    & development
  • Engineering
  • Implementing
  • Implementing
    air cured
  • Training for
    operations &
  • End-to-end
    solutions with
    turn-key delivery

International fiber cement engineering.

Widerange provides worldwide fiber cement production technology

We provide worldwide high-quality fiber cement engineering and expertise. We are highly-experienced engineers in fiber cement and building materials.

We are specialized in fiber cement sheets technology and fibre cement machinery. We offer customer-tailored solutions using extensive automation and autoclave or air cured technologies low, medium and high density.

Achieve production quality & efficiency
in fiber cement manufacturing.

The purpose of Widerange is to provide high-quality engineering for fiber cement production.
We assist our customers accomplish all their factory projects with the help of
our engineers in fibre cement.

Fiber cement factory commissioning.

Widerange has a large experience in managing cement and fiber cement production lines
using innovative techniques and solutions.

Widerange is a company dedicated to consulting and equipment for fiber cement

Full installation & fiber cement plant commissioning for your production projects. In case of greenfield investment, Widerange renders full assistance : layout, implementation, installation, start-up, validation and maintenance of process control systems.

Customer satisfaction.

We are very careful about our customers happiness.
Our services are completely customized and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.